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SMP Equipment Lifting Solutions


When it comes to lifting heavy equipment to service underneath, don't reach for a handful of crowbars. Use the smart and safe lifting technology brought to you by SMP. Our full line of lifting tools allow you the choice to get exactly what you need to do the job safely and efficiently. 

Pop-It Tool

The 95-525 Pop-it Tool can also be used to lift equipment to do shim change outs. The Pop-it tool is designed to be flat on the bottom and a strike plate on the back to drive the toes underneath your equipment. With the capability of lifting up to 10,000 lbs and 5.5" of lift travel in a tool that weighs only 12 pounds, the Pop-it tool is the pound for pound welterweight champion.

Equalizer Lifting Tools

For lifting extremely heavy peices of machinery Equalizer has designed a lifting wedge that is flat on the bottom and utilizes their hydraulic cylinder and spread force technology. These tools offer the highest lifting wedge force on the market at 36,000 lbs of force. 

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